A New Beginning

photography by Mary Lou Jacobs

Rose with Desaturated Texture

I took this rose image using my Nikon D80 and my 18-135mm lens. In post processing I used PSE9, Topaz Adjust5 and Topaz Lens Effects.

From this…

To this…


  1. Select an image and duplicate it.
  2. Complete basic edits, cropping etc.
  3. Open Topaz Adjust 5. In the Effects Panel click on Classic Collection then in the Presets Panel click on Cool Tone II. Click Apply.
  4. In the same Effects Panel click onVibrant Collection then in the Presets Panel click on Relative Contrast.
  5. Click on Apply then click on OK. This will take you back to PSE.
  6. Duplicate the layer.
  7. Open Topaz Lens Effects. In the Effects Panel click on Diffusion. In the Presets Panel click on Generous Diffusion. Click on OK.
  8. Choose a texture of your choice. I chose Shadowhouse Creations Old Canvas-6.
  9. Add a Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer and drop the saturation of the texture layer to zero which removes the color.
  10. I lowered the opacity to 58% on the texture layer.
  11. CMD or CTL + option + shift + E to make a composite layer.
  12. Click on Layer and then New Layer. Change the mode toOverlay (in the New Layer box)and check the box that says Fill with Overlay-Neutral Color (50% Grey).
  13. Use the Dodge and/or Burn tool for the finishing touches on the Composite layer.

I added a frame that is no longer available for Photoshop.


Please remember if you choose to use any of the links or tutorials on this blog that you give credit to the author.


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4 thoughts on “Rose with Desaturated Texture

  1. Tammy on said:

    Loving your results, the soft focus and the softer color really enhances the entire image!

  2. The soft focus and color give a dreamy effect to the image. I am enjoying the step by step description of how you achieve your results.

  3. The soft focus is wonderful and the colors really pop, too.

  4. wonderful simple shot of a beautiful colored rose
    found lots of other photos on your blog together with great tips
    however I’m all into SOOC an dI don’t jave any tools to play with. Guess it would be great fun though to try sometime 🙂
    thanks for stopping by!

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