A New Beginning

photography by Mary Lou Jacobs

Antique Store

My image today was taken in Kewanee, IL with my Nikon D80. Although I like the composition in this image it was just an ordinary image lacking some punch. This is where Steve Rich’s Before and After Tutorial comes in. It got the punch I was looking for and more!!


After Tutorial


Please remember if you choose to use any of the links or tutorials on this blog that you give credit to the author.


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8 thoughts on “Antique Store

  1. Beautiful Painterly effect.

  2. Very nice effect for this fine photo.

  3. what a differnce between the two , I’m off to the tutorial thanks for this , great blog

  4. The “punch” definitely adds excitement to the image! Love it!

  5. What a wonderful transformation, Mary Lou!
    Love the “new” colors.

  6. Wow – this really kicked things up! I’ve been enjoying your before/afters (catching up from being on vacation).

  7. It’s amazing what a few subtle adjustments can do.

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