A New Beginning

photography by Mary Lou Jacobs

If You Chase a Butterfly…

Steve Rich has created another wonderful FREE Action. It is simple yet elegant and easy to use. You can edit each layer as you like after the Action runs. I chose to make some edits and explain them in my work flow. This was taken with my Nikon D80 and processed in PSE9.

This is the Action run with no edits

This is the Action with my edits

Work Flow

This Action runs on the background layer so DO NOT duplicate the background layer.

1. Run the Action on your image.

2. Select the ‘background copy 2’ layer and resize to your liking.

3. If you want to change the stroke color double click the fx on the layer and choose your color.

4. Resize the ‘background copy layer’ and add text. I added a drop shadow to the text.

5.  If you want to outline this layer click the ‘background copy layer’ and add a stroke (outline) by choosing Edit ~ stroke selection ~ choose the color you want. I set the pixels at 6, you can choose whatever size you like.

6. To blur the background layer choose Filter ~ Blur ~ Gaussian Blur ~ and move the slider until you achieve the desired blur.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


As always please remember if you choose to use any of the links or tutorials on this blog that you give credit to the author.


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2 thoughts on “If You Chase a Butterfly…

  1. Mary, this really looks great. I love what you did in the second image. This would look great as a card and even better yet, place a person in the image.

  2. Love the layered look. I am off to play.
    Thank you and Steve.

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