A New Beginning

photography by Mary Lou Jacobs

Combination of Presets

Once again Steve Rich created a workflow that peaked my interest. I thought I would give it a try on a totally different type of image than he used. This is a single shot (not bracketed) which I ran through my normal edits before applying his workflow in OnOne Perfect Effects 4.

Before SOOC




I used the following part of  Steve Rich‘s Workflow.

Five presets used from OnOne Perfect Effects 4.

Black and White Green Filter @ 50%
Vintage Postcard @ 35%
Rice Paper Vignette @ 60%
Omaha Beach @ 20%
Rich Glow @ 50%

I added a white layer mask and adjusted the Opacity in different areas while I used a black brush to remove some of the effects of the presets from the sheep.

Don’t forget to…

1. Duplicate image and do your normal edits.

2. SAVE your work several times during your editing.

3. Creeate a composite layer ~  CMD + option + shift + E on a Mac or CTL + ALT + shift + E on a PC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


As always please remember if you choose to use any of the links or tutorials on this blog that you give credit to the author.


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9 thoughts on “Combination of Presets

  1. Doesn’t make her look any less like EWE!

  2. Interesting combination! I’ll have to use Perfect Effects more often.

  3. I never thought about combining the effects…another thing on my list to play with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks so much Mary Lou, I have much more to share, this Perfect Effects 4 is endless with combinations.

  5. I do like the results of OnOne plugins! Thanks to you and Steve for always sharing workflows.

  6. What a nice outcome!

  7. the second one has a nice warm feeling – I like that a lot and the sheep is goodlooking to

  8. this is lovely

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